Memory Quilts

There are lots of ways to make a memory quilt, and there are loads of free memory quilt patterns to get you started. These quilts can be made as wall hangings, lap throws, baby quilts and full size bed covers. Choose a theme, grab a pattern and start making memories.

Make a personalized baby quilt for a shower. Have all the guests write their names on fabric squares and embroider the signatures. Assemble the blocks as part of a crib quilt for the new mother. It's a gift she'll cherish always.

Memory Quilt Patterns Use those T-shirts the kids have collected to make a T-shirt memory quilt.

Reproduce well-loved photos on fabric to create a photo-album quilt. Perhaps clothes saved from a child's youth would be the perfect fabrics to make a quilt for a mother or grandmother.

Make a t-shirt quilt, photo quilt or neck tie quilt with these free quilt patterns.

T-Shirt Quilts
Make a memory quilt out of old t-shirts for someone special.

Memory Neck Tie Quilt
Here is the neck tie quilt that is so popular.

Modified Memory Quilt Block Pattern
Quilt block is personalized in the center. From McCalls.

Silk Neck Tie Quilt
This is a great way to use men's old neck ties as a memory quilt.

Treasured Memories Photo Quilt
Makes for wonderful memories.

Friendship Squares
This is a modern-day version of the 19th century signature friendship quilts.

Memory Wreath
This block was used to make quilts from the clothing of a deceased loved one, a tradition that is carried on today as a way to remember people we care about.

The following is a six inch version of the Memory block.

Memory Quilt Block
This makes a 12" traditional block.

Memory Block
This makes a 12" block.

Friendship Squares
This is a modern-day version of the 19th century signature friendship quilts.

Crazy Heart with Photo
This block is foundation pieced in two sections, and each part can contain a photo transferred to or printed on fabric.

Memory Chain
This makes a 16" block.

Memory Block
This quilt is four blocks by five.